Card game ditches 'Trump' name as 'brand disaster'

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Not trumps: The eco-friendly card game is going to ditch “trump” from its name

An educational card game is going to change its name because of negative associations with the US President-elect, Donald Trump.

The game – Eco Action Trumps – has been produced by a UK-based environmental games company.

“It is a branding disaster for us, so we are dumping our brand name,” said Paula Owen, of Eco Action Games.

The company said children now assumed the game was connected to the president-elect.

After the new president is inaugurated in January, the game will be renamed as Eco Action Toppers.

‘Branding crisis’

“The awful irony of a positive, educational, eco-themed game bearing that man’s name became just too much for us to bear – he simply had to go,” said Dr Owen, cofounder of the games-maker.

“Working in schools since the election result, we have been struck by how much children know about Trump and what he stands for.

“It is becoming impossible to get our eco messages across using our card game any more as the kids now think it is about the president-elect.”

The card game, promoting environmental awareness, has been available for five years, and 50,000 packs have been sold.

But Mr Trump’s growing political prominence has created a “bit of a branding crisis”, with the connection with the future resident of the White House described as “toxic”.

The company is going to rename the game and will give away any unsold stock of the “Trump” versions.

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